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news Admin Rules

The admin reserve the right to monitor anything that goes on within the MUSH or related to it on the server on which it is hosted, using any means the admin wish. The admin also reserve the right to log anything they deem necessary upon the MUSH. We do this to protects the interests of others and the interests of the MUSH, so we can investigate and handle any potentially harmful or rule-breaking actions upon the MUSH, and to help enhance RP help upon the MUSH.

The admin will be fair in their judgment and fair with their power, and they will try to listen to any player’s concerns and assist as best they can. If they can not assist or be fair, they will refer the player to an admin that can help.

The admin reserve the right to reverse any RP, and any RP that is a result of the initial RP, that is deemed OOC in nature, such as OOC acquisition of knowledge and use of that knowledge ICly, RP that is not in theme with the MUSH, RP that was not fairly ran by another admin, or harmful to the MUSH and/or it’s timeline.

Admin will apply punishments as deemed necessary for actions that are considered appropriate for the action, and will have other admin notified of situation. Any more severe punishments will include The Gamemasters knowledge and consent in the matter as well.

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