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  Log IC Date Log OOC Date Log Characters Log Short Summary
Boros - Legionaire War: Captain Splatto 15 July 2540 18 April 2017 Esmeraldas, Jacy, Zank, Geist, Iroquois Pliskin The time has come to make their next move: turn Zank into the circus performer he always wanted to be.
Boros - Legionaire War: Hell's Reflection 15 July 2540 1 May 2017 Zank, Faoite McGuire, Kyoshiro, Abbey, Amendiel, The White Ones, Legion, Jia Zank, crash landing on Occupied Boros, must survive until rescued. Meanwhile the Jia faces its own challenges.
Boros - Legionaire War: Meanwhile... 13 July 2540 4 April 2017 Zank, Duke Zank is looking over some maps and Intel, trying to formulate a plan of attack. Duke, The Geist's AI has an odd question.
Boros - Legionaire War: The Leviathan's Layer 12 July 2540 27 March 2017 Jacy, Zank, Esmeraldas The Destiny Engages the Harbinger and her support craft in order to rescue the Academy but realized it's taken on more than it can chew.
Boros - Legionaire War: Spencer the Creep 12 July 2540 28 March 2017 Kyoshiro, Abbey Abbey and Kyo take the 'Jiro and a few Churara to grab that engine part Fao needs from a group of Survivalists in a rural town just outside the city.
Boros - Legionaire War: Out of The Woods 12 July 2540 1 April 2017 Kyoshiro, Faoite McGuire, Jia The first space battle above Boros is happening as night falls over the side of the planet Jia has crashed on. While Fao waits for the Jiro to return he watches the chaos in the sky until there is a commotion in the tree line.
Boros - Legionaire War: Into The Woods 12 July 2540 15 April 2017 Abbey, Faoite McGuire, Willow Merryweather, Octavia, Kyoshiro, Jia Fao fixes the engine while Willow, Kyo, and Abbey deal with the threat of a Legionaire patrol.
Boros - Legionaire War: Reflections of War 11 July 2540 5 April 2017 Tara O'Keith, Kyoshiro, Jia Tara and Kyo share a moment at the Jia crash-site
Boros - Legionaire War: Taking Stock IV 10 July 2540 24 March 2017 Faoite McGuire, Kyoshiro, Willow Merryweather Fixing the ship, contemplating their doom.
Boros - Legionaire War: Getting a Bead II 30 June 2540 16 March 2017 Zank, Vanessa Kaeriani Vanessa and Zank meet at the Shipyard regarding the Jia missing and the Intel on Boros..
Boros - Legionaire War: Taking Stock III 30 June 2540 18 March 2017 Abbey, Kyoshiro, Jia On watch, Kyo asks Abbey to join him and Willow on a mission into town to procure a deal for some parts for the Jia.
Boros - Legionaire War: Getting a Bead 29 June 2540 16 March 2017 Zank, Iroquois Pliskin Captain Lines and his LT get a bead on the current situation.
Legionaire - Boros War: Taking Stock II 29 June 2540 16 March 2017 Jia, Faoite McGuire, Kyoshiro, Octavia and the Girls, Willow Merryweather Willow and Kyo return from their little scouting mission and talk about options with Fao.
Boros - Legionaire War: Taking Stock 28 June 2540 15 March 2017 Faoite McGuire, Kyoshiro, Willow Merryweather, Jia The crew of the Jia take stock of their current situation behind enemy lines.
Boros - Legionaire War: Harbinger 27 June 2540 14 March 2017 Kyoshiro, Faoite McGuire, Abbey, Willow Merryweather, Octavia and the girls, Jia The Jia, searching with the White Ones to hunt down the Night Angel after a long uneasy quiet from Legion after they decimated a number of their assets with the Alliance are called to Boros mysteriously.
Beylix Slaver Takedown Pt. 2 10 August 2537 7 October 2015 Ansiel, Kyoshiro, Faoite McGuire, Amelia Helling, Kirsten O'Dowd, Destari, Luna, Tizzy, Chovian, Jordan Dissidence Consortium declares a war on slaver scum which leads them to a haven of slave activity upon Beylix.
Beylix Slaver Takedown Pt. 1 10 August 2537 6 October 2015 Ansiel, Kyoshiro, Faoite McGuire Dissidence Consortium declares a war on slaver scum which leads them to a haven of slave activity upon Beylix.
Winter of Intent 20 January 2537 26 June 2015 Odell, Cal Is this how revolutions begin? Not with a proclamation or a riot, but with a few people in a room somewhere with their hands clasped and a purpose.
Assault on Murphy's Gap 9 October 2536 6 May 2015 Kyoshiro, Lazorith Guntner, Jacy Kyoshiro posing as his Vizard persona, leads a team of Churara on an assault of a Fed Station on Verbena.
Nuking the Ark 15 May 2536 22 February 2015 Charley Wong, Valentina, Jacy, Mack The Alliance go head to head with the Reaver Fleet. 62 Ships and an Ark...but things do not go as they expect.
Council of War 19 April 2536 8 February 2015 Jacy, Ashley, James The Alliance military machine plots...
An Unlikely Makeover 12 April 2536 7 February 2015 Kirsten, Sev Kirsten is forced into getting a makeover. She doesn't like it.
Escape From Deadwood 6 April 2536 2 February 2015 Jacy, Adrian, Euterpe Squadron A few Alliance personnel escape the taking of the Temperance and the declaration of independence on Deadwood
Hope House Tea Visitor 3 April 2536 28 January 2015 James,Kitt,Aubrey An Admiral is on Bernadette and is invited to Tea at the Hope House.
Jacy 'Loves' the Viking 18 March 2536 24 January 2015 Jacy, Odell, Zank, Cal, Iniana, Mia, Phelan, Chloe, Rolend, Helena, Esther, Conoger, A friendly gathering with people who have come to help with the meteor devastation. From blowing things up to talking to the Alliance, Jacy shows up and tries to show the Alliance cares but ends up trying to arrest the Viking of her dreams 'nightmares'
Meteor Shower Devastation 8 March 2536 18 January 2015 Violet, Rolend, Chloe, Kyoshiro, Luka, Zank, Chovian, Esther, Danee, Helena, Conoger Peaceful mid afternoon march day, all seems well. Until communication devices started not to work, the feeling of something wrong is in the air and then the sky starts to rain fire, devastation issued as a peacefulness is in moments destroyed.
Release of Jacy 17 February 2536 9 January 2015 Jacob Storn, Jacy, Chloe, Helena, Rolend, Conoger, Sinklar Fist Conoger and Jacy stuck in a room. Conoger sends a wave for help. Helena and Chloe show up to help him and Jacy. Eventually Storn and Rolend show up a bit after, through all this Conoger insists on talking to Jacy before what is done for her is decided.
WT: Persephone - The Battle of Bleeding Hearts 14 February 2536 7 January 2015 Abbey, Adrian Calhoun, Amelia Helling, Anala, Angela, Charley Wong, Conoger, Devlin, Dinger, Fowler, Jacy, Jamendithas, James, Michio, Rodney Kilbride, Valentina, Victor Qasim On Valentine's Day, in and around Eavesdown, Persephone, the Alliance and separatist forces engage in close combat. In the end, the Alliance receives a bloody but stable tactical victory. The rebels are forced into retreat and hiding with a meager strategic victory.
WT: Paquin - Self-Immolation 4 February 2536 2 January 2015 Ashley, Dinger, Parker The immediate aftereffects of Curtis Parker's suicide come into play.
WT: Paquin - Routine Procedures 3 February 2536 1 January 2015 Ashley, Dinger, Luka, Parker The consequences of multiple security breaches begin to weigh down on the peoples of Paquin, even for a popular nightclub's pianist.
An Unfortunate Meeting 29 November 2535 28 November 2014 Phelan, Mia, Rodney, Takeshi, Cal, Aeron Phelan invites Rodney to a surprise meeting regarding the insurgency. It does not go well.
Ambush on Bernadette 16 November 2535 21 November 2014 Adrian Calhoun, Heather Jacy, Rodney Kilbride, Abbey Wallace, Goemon Miyamoto, Templeton Torres, Fowler Cartwright, Templeton Torres, Angela Carter, Aeron the Witch(on Comms). The People's Army(Or those posing as them) fires the first shots of the insurgency on Bernadette. They attack an Alliance convoy loaded with ammunition.
Full Honors - Rebecah's Funeral 22 September 2535 26 October 2014 Jacy, Salin, Moira Rebecah Kamp's body is consigned to the black.
The Misadventures of Riley & Kit: Anniversary 31 July 2535 30 September 2014 Riley, Kit Riley goes a little over the top to celebrate the anniversary of he and Kit's complicated nuptials
The Misadventures of Riley and Kit: Strangers With Eye-Candy 16 July 2535 23 September 2014 Guy, Kit, Riley Guy tries to have a good time with Kit but it goes hilariously wrong, in part thanks to Riley's arrival on the scene.
The Misadventures of Riley & Kit: Left Holding the Baby 3 July 2535 16 September 2014 Riley, Kit Riley and Kit are baby sitting for their captain, Esther. What could possibly go wrong?
Four wayward travellers 26 June 2535 12 September 2014 Mila, Frobisher, Conoger, Roland Emmerich four people find themselves on Paquin, with less then stellar memories of the past few days.
In her Genes: Kidnapped 21 June 2535 10 September 2014 Connie, Darling, Adrian Calhoun, Dinger, Charley Wong Leigh-Anne Duckworth, Connie's former MO, is kidnapped from her apartment on Greenleaf
The Misadventures of Riley & Kit: Double Vision 17 June 2535 8 September 2014 Riley, Kit In which our daring heroes discover that blondes really do have more fun.
Purple Nurple 8 June 2535 3 September 2014 Kyoshiro, Zank, Faoite McGuire, Mila, Parker, Danee, Kragrim, Jia Kyoshiro picked up a load of illegal explosives from the mission in the Cave with Conoger and the Aces. They need to get it off the boat soon as they can. Dodging Alliance patrols they make their way to Verbena where Kyo has a buyer lined up...
In her Genes: Distraction Burglary 8 June 2535 4 September 2014 Connie, Darling, Charley Wong Connie goes to collect some records from her ex-shipmate at Eden Hospital, Greenleaf. To find that possibly someone else had a similar idea.
The Misadventures of Riley & Kit: Cultural Differences 7 June 2535 3 September 2014 Kit, Riley Mr and Mrs O'Hare explore the township and discuss cultural differences with a local.
A one-to-one with the CO - Charley Wong 5 June 2535 2 September 2014 Connie, Charley Wong A conversation on the bridge eventually leads to Charley's scheduled one-to-one with Connie.
Caged Birdies: The Exchange 31 May 2535 31 August 2014 Riley, Sink, Danee, Conoger, Covis, Storn, Mila, Lirin, Kit, Zank, Miku, Kyoshiro, Esther, Maxim, Jisae, Aces and Eights, Jia After a scouting mission on the LRS Spade, they managed to get the ship back with some info and a broken shuttle. Planning resumes a bit of time after and the exchange goes forwards as planned. At the exchange things do not go as planned and eventually it leads to a race against time.
Caged Birdies: Famous Last Words 30 May 2535 30 August 2014 Covis, Kit, Riley, Storn, Lirin, Aces and Eights Covis and Kit do their recon run over the slaver's farm using the map; things don't go well.
Caged Birdies: Urgent News 28 May 2535 29 August 2014 Riley, Helena Riley attempts to update Helena on recent events. Things go south.
Caged Birdies: A Parliament of Aces 28 May 2535 29 August 2014 Kit, Reno, Covis, Storn, Riley, Helena, Miku, Arraner, Lirin, Aces and Eights The Aces learn about the ambush which saw their captain and XO kidnapped and plan a response. Lirin is on comms only.
Caged Birdies: The Taking 27 May 2535 29 August 2014 Covis, Riley, Esther, Conoger, Aces and Eights After Esther had a confrontation against Kilbride, she is hurt badly and on her way back to the monastery crashes her hover bike on the side of the dirt road. This is where eventually the slavers get the upper hand and manage to take Conoger and Esther away and used as hostages.
Babies, Companions, Kisses and Preachers 19 May 2535 24 August 2014 Helena, Kit, Riley, Reno Helena is taking care of the slaver baby. Kit makes tea. Riley arrives. Helena and the baby go to bed. Riley and Kit make out. Reno catches them.
Caged Birdies: Two Nuts 18 May 2535 24 August 2014 Storn, Kit , Conoger , Aces and Eights After saving a baby from slavers at the Monastery, Kit and Storn were asked to go and see if they could gather some information if any on these slavers. This is after a threatening vid is brought to Esther, demanding the return of the baby (Now named Bay)
A Blast From The Past: End 17 May 2535 24 August 2014 Oliana Nalu, Danee, Zank, Conoger, Kyoshiro, Esther, Jisae, Jia, Aces and Eights, In search of Alucard LaBarre, the Jia Crew along with some of their friends from the Aces make their way to Salisbury on a hunch of a long lost Romany clan who live in the caves of a mountain outside of the city of Dallas. They are rumored to have red eyes. The find the clan lives in a ketteled valley surrounded by snow capped mountains. Virtually impenitrable. It's almost a utopia. They call it Shangrila...
Not a Hallucination 15 May 2535 23 August 2014 Riley, Kit, Esther Riley realises Kit wasn't a hallucination but is in fact really back in his life.
Return of the Runaway Bride 14 May 2535 22 August 2014 Kit, Esther, Conoger, Riley Kit is hired on by Esther and comes face to face with the husband she walked out on 15 years ago.
Cavern of Doom 12 May 2535 21 August 2014 Jisae, Reno, Esther, Kyoshiro, Zank, Covis, Conoger, Riley, Helena, Arraner, Jia, Aces and Eights, Lenore Conoger had been at a local bar and upon hearing some local legend about ghosts and monsters, he got real interesting. Upon hearing more, he found out people had actually disappeared and not seen again. So after gathering some friends they go and find the so called cavern. The adventure takes the group deep into the cavern, where strange and unexpected situations arise.
A Blast From The Past: Tycho Special 1 December 2534 6 July 2014 Oliana, Zank, Kyoshiro After seeking to lure Oliana's brothers out in order to interogate them on the where abouts of her father Dorian. Kyoshiro had gotten the news from Emilian that the only weapon that would garner the interest of Oli's brothers had just been sold. the red eyed cook took it into his own hands to draw out Oliana's evil relatives. He spread a rumor through out collector circles about Jades gun, the one Zank gave to him. When he got an inquiry from one of Oli's brother he set up a meeting here on Freehold, neutral territory. Though, it was a surprise as he sprung the news to Zank who was to play the gun broker, one Mr. McFlurry up and coming dealer of the finest weapons. He explained that he would have to convince Zank to lure her brothers into some sort of trap... or confrontation with Oli and himself or just him and Zank where they would reveal their true intentions.
A Blast From The Past: The Tycho's 1 October 2534 1 May 2014 Conoger, Zank, Danee, Kyoshiro, Holliday, Aces & Eights, Jia, Violet Taylor, Esther, Jade Kyoshiro found out through Julia that he is related through the Tycho's. Jade's Grandfather's Brother Gerofrey is his Grandfather. Jade was afflicted with an illness similar to Kyo's. A genetic disorder. Kyo has that same gene and now. Alucard who was in the Alliance grooming program with him is working with Oli's brothers to Capture Mura and eliminate (or Capture)Kyo and Oli. There is a fear that the other Tycho's might carry the gene whether active or dormant and can be used to breed some sort of perfect super soldier army that Alucard can sell the the highest bidder.
Blast From The Past: Alucard 11 September 2534 21 April 2014 Kyoshiro, Oliana, Danee, Zank, Annabelle, Conoger, Holliday, Helena, Jisae, Sink At Oli and Kyo's daughter, Murasaki's, first birthday party an attempted kidnapping and assassination occurs.
Interviewing with the Thunderchild 5 August 2534 3 April 2014 Edison Trent, Chloe, Vanessa Kaeriani, Levi Ryder, Selina Ryder, Amaranth Selina and Levi nose around the docks and approach a recently landed ship to look for work.
Cortex Transmission - Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down 1 July 2534 15 September 2015 Woman Broadcast.
Cows and Cretins 5 June 2534 3 March 2014 Beau, Rand, Morgana, Lily, Fitz Lily's out for a stroll on Jinagyin, and gets a little more than she bargained for.
Red Eye's Grand Opening 5 June 2534 3 March 2014 Kyoshiro, Zank, Danee, Jisae, Oliana, Violet Taylor, Sink, Sypher, Gavin, Conoger, Holliday, Feria, Jia, Aces & Eights, Red Eye's Steakhouse & Pub Grand Opening of Red Eye's Steakhouse & Pub...
Moving on Up 20 May 2534 25 August 2014 Storn, Kit, Riley, Esther, Conoger The Aces engineers need to repair the thrusters on the new Osprey before she'll take off. While they work others move things over from the old ship.
Guest Services 13 May 2534 20 February 2014 Edison Trent, Chloe, Fish, Hayden Guest services on Thunderchild aren't what you might expect.
She touches our wounds with that finger! 24 April 2534 18 February 2014 Weasel, Edison Trent, Hayden, Fisher, Vanessa Kaeriani, Chloe The crew of the Thunderchild bump into Weasel while at the Dregs. Chloe is watching them all.
Some wood, a few nails, up for the night! 20 April 2534 14 February 2014 Edison Trent, Hayden, Fisher, Vanessa Kaeriani Hayden and Trent have a little tit for tat, and Vanessa plays peacekeeper.
Good Intentions 17 April 2534 11 February 2014 Vanessa Kaeriani, Kyronis, Hayden, Edison Trent No good deed goes unpunished.
Guns 'n Booze 'n Talk 16 April 2534 10 February 2014 Edison Trent, Hayden Hayden and Trent have a discussion.
The Captain's Chair aka First Scene 9 April 2534 3 February 2014 Edison Trent, Hayden, Vanessa Kaeriani, Fisher, Seamus Hayden approaches Trent about a job, meets the crew.
Rook's Drift 1 January 2534 14 March 2014 Sinklar Fist, Danee, Kyoshiro, Julia, Sypher, Maxim, Zank, Jisae Overwhelming odds. Stop your dreaming.
The DuBois Boys Raid 1 January 2534 3 May 2015 Jacy Heather Jacy leads an assault squad against a group of rebels on Paquin
Chellaigh Federal Station Aftermath 30 November 2533 30 November 2013 Teanna, Sushmita, CJ, Emilian Alliance Search and Rescue teams look for survivors in the wreckage. Many civilians come and help as well.
Chellaigh Federal Station Bombing 29 November 2533 29 November 2013 Jon Delacroix, Jacy, Joyel, Conoger, Esmail, Dodger, Daniel Sabo, Oscar, Amelia Helling, Cailin Williams Chellaigh Federal Station gets blown up by a really big missile.
The Burning of Shinbone 25 November 2533 27 November 2013 Conoger, Esmail, Sypher, Tara, Axel, Maxim, Dobson, Daisy, Danee A evening of despair so great, even Paquin shed tears once it realized what had happened.
An Auction with a Show 15 November 2533 22 November 2013 Danee Vit Kalderdash, Zank, Oscar, Elliot Hayes, CJ, Esmail, Conoger, Rodney Kilbride, Holliday, Phelan Daniels, Jacob Storn, Cody A. Martin, Cailin Williams, Kyoshiro, Mia Daniels A normally quiet auction of cargo, weapons and suits is interrupted by pranks, bloodshed and a man in a skirt.
Haven Massacre 22 October 2533 11 November 2013 Emilian, Esmail, Dodger, Maxim, Oscar, Sypher, Aubrey, Jacy First there dogs.. then the gunmen and then.. a devil.
Assault on Decker's Hideout - Marines 7 September 2533 17 October 2013 Jacy, Corporal Boycott (NPC), PFC Gooch (NPC) A dual-pronged assault on a terrorist in his hideout. This scene happens at the same time as the 'Decker Hits the Deck' scene.
Decker Hits the Deck 7 September 2533 19 October 2013 Anya, Ellis, Julian Decker (NPC), Craig (NPC) A dual-pronged assault on a terrorist in his hideout. This scene happens at the same time as the 'Assault on Decker's Hideout - Marines' scene.
Blast From The Past: Reaver Madness 17 July 2533 7 September 2013 Holliday, Emilian, Danee, Esther Doc, Emilian, Danee, Esther, and some other Romany move to rescue a large group of their kindred from the Bunker on a farm to the north of the landing grid.
Reavers over Whitefall 12 June 2533 5 September 2013 Jacy
Multi-Raid Assault on Cobra Cartel 27 May 2533 28 August 2013 Daniel Sabo, Wilhelm Schmidt (NPC) DAS Sergeant Dan Sabo leads a complicated multi-raid across the Verse, striking many slaver targets simultaneously in an attempt to shut down Cobra's power in the slave market.
Hope Lost: Nature Revealed (In Spaceport) 25 May 2533 28 August 2013 Phelan Daniels, Luna, Mia, Rodney, Cailin, Usagi What happened in the Spaceport during the first actual Whitefall attack. Gods are revealed and blood is spilt.
Hope Lost: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? 23 May 2533 28 August 2013 Sypher, Valentine, Jamendithas, Usagi The Hope Lost TP kicks off as people are led to Whitefall, tracking one of the Hope House's missing passenger transports. Dinner is Served.
White Sands Slaver Charity 1 April 2533 7 August 2013 Faoite McGuire, Kyoshiro, Maxim, Skye, Sypher, Jasmine, Nataliya, Zepp, Danee A charity beach party is held on Paquin by the Jia to celebrate their new found freedom and to raise money to get them back on their feet but Revenge take precedent.